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Chenille Stem Candy Cane Ornaments

These ornaments are quick, easy and inexpensive to make. Chenille stems are often still called "pipe cleaners," but are fuzzier and more colorful.

Candy cane ornaments made from chenille stems

What you will need :


Regular red and white stems and/or metallic red and silver stems. You will need one red stem and one white or silver stem for each ornament.

Use metallic pipe cleaners or regular pipe cleaners.

The wire ends of chenille stems can be sharp. To protect your fingers, turn each wire end in onto itself and clamp down with pliers.

Fold back the sharp ends of wire and pinch flat./>
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Fold each chenille stem in half and pinch the folded end.

Fold each chenille stem in half and pinch end flat

Holding a red chenille stem and a white/silver chenille stem together at their folded ends, twist the stems together.

Red and white pipe cleaners twisted together

Bend one end of the twisted chenille stems into a shepherd's crook shape.

Bend one end of the candy cane ornament to make a curve Candy cane ornaments hanging from Christmas tree
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