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Paper Mini Top Hat

Part 1 - Mad Hatter Paper Hat | Part 2 - Top Hat Steampunk | Part 3 - Paper Mini Top Hat

Mini top hats can be made in any size.

What you will need :

Printed-out template for Mini Top Hat pdf



Scrapbooking paper or card stock


Cellophane tape, if desired

if desired

Waxed paper

Scrapbooking supplies for mini top hats.

Scrapbooking paper is sturdy and vibrantly colored. We used sheets from two different pads of scrapbooking paper, and the . If you use scrapbooking paper, you'll be able to fit a second brim piece onto the same sheet. If you use card stock, you will need to use a second sheet per hat.

Kids learn to measure ruler.

Cut out and trace your pattern onto the back of the scrapbooking paper. Trace two brim pieces. Measure a line 1/2" up from the bottom of the crown, and another line 1/2" down from the top.

School scissors cutting notches scrapbook designs.

After cutting out the pieces, cut notches up to the 1/2" lines you drew on both sides of the crown piece.

Kids make art printed scrapbook paper.

Gently pull the crown piece over one hand to curl the paper into shape. This step will make it easier to roll the crown into a cylinder without creasing the paper.

Measure mini top crown.

Adjust the cylinder to that it fits snugly inside the brim.

Draw edges with pencil.

Mark where the seam overlaps. Use the line as a guide as you glue the cylinder together. To hold the seam together as it dries, you may want to run a piece of tape along the inside seam.

Kids crafting mini top hat.

FOLD OUT the notches at the bottom of the crown. With the hat on top of a piece of wax paper, glue the notches. Slide the brim down into position.

Kids mold shape of crown.

Hold the brim down flat for a minute or so until the glue holds.

Kids fold paper into place.

FOLD IN the notches at the top of the hat.

Children fit together craft project.

Glue the notches and position the top of the hat in place.

Kids glue project bottom brim mini hat.

Flip the hat onto its top. Glue the bottom of the brim.

Finish handmade mini top hat template.

Position the second brim, pattern-side up, over the notches. Let dry.

Glue jewelry elastic to fashion mini hat.

You can pin or clip your mini top hat into your hair. Or you can glue both ends of an elastic cord in between the brim pieces so that you can have a strap.

Mini top hats can be striped for Cat in the Hat hats.

You can print the top hat template at different percentages to make hats in different sizes. For the Dr. Seuss Cat-in-the-Hat hat, we added an extra inch to the crown to make it taller.

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