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Valentine Puzzle Pouch

crafts on a budget Valentines heart

This tutorial is adapted from my article originally published in the February 1999 edition of Today's Parent Magazine.

Guess who, Valentine? Untie this paper pouch and find a puzzle inside.

This is an inexpensive craft for a group of children. We used red spool ribbon left over from our Christmas wrapping.

What you will need :



1/4" red ribbon

What Does Your Heart Hold?

Cut two matching hearts out of construction paper (our hearts were approximately 8" across).

Place the hearts on top of each other and punch an even number of holes around the outside.

Leaving 5 or 6 holes open at the top of the heart, lace the ribbon through the holes.

Write a Valentine message or draw a special picture on another piece of paper. Cut the message into pieces like jigsaw puzzle.

Slip the puzzle pieces into the top of the heart pouch. Lace the ribbon through the rest of the holes and tie a bow at the top.

Thank you to all the writers, bloggers, newsletters and magazines that credit and acknowledge when you adapt or quote an idea or tutorial from my website.

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