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Create Your Own Computer Mouse Pad

directions for personalized mousepad kids craft

My son wanted to make a gift for his dad, so between the two of us, we came up with this idea.

What you will need :

. We recycled an old one that could use a spruce-up.

Fabric large enough to cover the mousepad. We have fabric to spare in our home, but my son wanted something special. At the fabric store, he considered camouflage and skull prints, but he really liked the effects of woven (polyester) brocade. We purchased a quarter yard, which was ample.

or one of the sheets of paper from the fusible web.

Clothing iron

Napkin and flat surface, or an ironing board

Assembling the Mouse Pad

Cut a piece of fabric that is a few inches larger than the mousepad.

Following the directions on the package, peel the paper off one side of the double-sided fusible web.

easy sew mouse pad directions

Holding the edges loosely, lower the fabric so that it touches the middle of the fusible web.

Kids make bamboo brocade mousepad

Starting in the middle, smooth the fabric outward so that it lays flat. Once it is positioned, rub harder so that the fusible web firmly adheres to the fabric.

crafts for boys computer mousepad

Peel the other piece of paper from the double-sided fusible web.

fusible web free craft lesson

Holding the edges loosely, lower the mousepad, with its fabric side down. Position the fusible web so that the fabric is smooth.

boys crafts attach fabric to computer mousepad

Rub the mouse pad so that the fusible web firmly adheres to the fabric.

green crafts for earth day

Carefully trim around the edges of the mousepad so that the fabric is flush with the pad's edges. Younger children should be supervised at this point if they are not used to using sharp scissors.

boys crafts free computer art lesson

Flip over the mousepad to see if any threads need to be trimmed.

Father's Day gifts from kids

Finishing the Mousepad

If your ironing board is accessible, set it up. If, like me, you aren't exactly sure where you left it last, put a napkin or tea towel down on a flat surface.

Place the mouse pad with the fabric side facing up. Put a sheet of parchment paper (or one of the sheets left over from the fusible web) on top of the mouse pad.

Attach cloth to mouse pad

Following the directions on the fusible web's package, warm up the iron. Starting from the center and working out to the edges, iron the mousepad.

teach your kids to iron clothes

Leave the mouse pad until it is cool to touch.

childrensart dot info recycled computer mouse pad

Thank you to all the writers, bloggers, newsletters and magazines that credit and acknowledge when you adapt or quote an idea or tutorial from my website. You make the world a better place!

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