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Paper Steampunk Top Hat

Part 1 - Mad Hatter Paper Hat | Part 2 - Steam Punk Paper Hat | Part 3 - Paper Mini Top Hat

Steampunk Top Hat

What would the world be like if steam power was still our main source of energy? Steampunk is a mix of Jules Verne's imagination, Victorian-styled inventions, and science fiction. Over the last decade, Steampunk has made its way into children's literature and graphic novels.

What you will need :

Fancy Gold Trim for Steampunk Top Hat (if desired)

2 disposable transparent plastic cups for goggles

Paint brush



Large piece of scrap paper or newspaper



Wax paper

Cellophane tape, if desired

if desired. Keep magnets away from small children and pets.

Steampunk top hat with goggles.

Follow the directions for the Mad Hatter tutorial. For our Steampunk hat we didn't make the crown narrower towards the brim as we did for the Mad Hatter hat: this hat is a straight up and down cylinder.

To make goggles, cut two cleaned-out fast food plastic cups at an angle. When you have a nice fit against the curve of the crown, put the cups aside to be painted.

If you plan to have a fancy ribbon headband, glue it into place at this time.

Trace glass for gear template.

To make gear shapes, trace circles in several different sizes onto a sheet of craft foam. We used brown foam, but you can use any color you have on hand.

Easy craft for kids foam sheet.

Cut the centers out of the gears, or used a hole punch to make interesting patterns. Snip out half circles around the perimeter of the gears with the hole punch.

Craft paint gears for steampunk hat.

Paint one side of the gears with acrylic gold or brass colored paint. We had some screws and bolts left over from assembling a piece of furniture, so we painted those to add to the hat as well.

Leaving the bottoms of the goggle pieces clear, paint the sides of the cups. You may need to give the goggles a few coats of paint.

After the paint dries, glue the goggles and the gears to the top hat.

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