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Newspaper Pom-Poms

These pom-poms are easy to make. They make a pretty shush-shushing noise, and are fun to run around with in the yard. For this project, you only need a newspaper, scissors, and some masking tape.

First, read the comics

Always Read the Comics

Roll a tube with 3 or 4 sheets of newspaper

Fun Childrens Craft

Tighten the tube by twisting the inside layers.

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Put tape around the middle of the tube and one end.

Crafts Project Cutting Tape

Start at the end of the tube that you did not tape. Cut newspaper into long strips about an inch wide. Stop cutting at the halfway point.

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Stick two fingers down into the center of the tube.

Fun Craft fpr Kids

Slowly twist the layers loose and pull straight out at the same time. Try not to rip the newspaper strips.

Childrens Art Pompoms Childrens Art Newspaper

If you pull the newspaper out just a few inches, you will have a compact pom-pom.

If you pull it out several inches, you'll have a taller, "palm tree" pom-pom.

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